The development of mold in your vehicle can happen at any time. It is usually the result of having an open window or going to a location where you invariably will get the floorboards wet. When this occurs, in the presence of a moderate amount of heat, mold can begin to develop. If you want to remove mold, there are many options that you have available. Let’s discuss what these options are and which one will be best suited for your particular situation. First, what is mold, and how does mold develop in your vehicle?

How Does Mold Develop?

Mold is a type of fungi that can be developed in several different ways. They may appear in many different colors as well. One of the most prolific, as well as the most dangerous, is the infamous black mold. This material is going to not only thrive on moisture but cellulose-based materials, which will allow them to reproduce and produce spores. Once the spores become airborne, they can then latch on to other solid areas, and in the midst of this damp material, begin to reproduce again. That’s why it is important to eliminate the first outbreak of mold in your vehicle as soon as possible so as to deter its innate ability to spread. 

There are, in fact, many reasons to eliminate the mold as soon as possible. To remove mold, you must follow the procedures that are outlined below. However, it is important to mention why mold can be so dangerous for many people that suffer from particular conditions. 

Why Is This Dangerous For Many People?

Mold is not dangerous as a physical substance on your carpet or floorboard, but it is very dangerous once the spores become airborne. It is primarily detrimental for people that suffer from certain conditions such as asthma or breathing disorders that involve problems with their lungs. Once the spores are able to enter, they may also latch onto interior portions of your lungs and begin to multiply and spread. Although this is uncommon, the fact that you are breathing the spores is why you will want to consider eliminating them as soon as possible. Within the confines of the car, with the windows rolled up, it is the most disadvantageous situation for those that have breathing problems.

mold in car and how to remove it

How Does Mold Develop In Your Car?

There are three specific factors as to why the mold will grow in your car. First of all, mold needs to be brought in. It can enter through an open window, or can be tracked in on shoes, and will begin to multiply on the carpet of your vehicle very quickly. It can grow moderately fast in vehicles with plush carpets, or even floorboard mats that have material that they can latch onto. If the car remains at a slightly warm temperature, and the moisture does not evaporate, this is the perfect breeding ground for the spores to begin to appear.

How To Remove The Mold That Is In Your Car 

The easiest way to remove the mold is to simply replace the floor mats in your vehicle. This is a very inexpensive option. However, if you do not have floor mats, and you have carpeting on the base of your vehicle, you will need to extract the mold using several different options. The best option is to use some type of professional equipment that can steam clean that carpet. You would then want to apply a mixture of water and ammonia. This will ensure that any remaining mold will not be able to come back. Finally, make sure that the windows of your vehicle or rolled down, and place your car in an area that is very warm. The increase in temperature, and the convection currents of the air coming in, will gradually lead to the destruction of the mold. 

how and where to remove mold in car

How To Prevent Mold From Appearing Again

To prevent mold from occurring again, be sure to not allow your vehicle to sit idly with the windows rolled up if it is damp inside. In fact, mold can appear in virtually any location within your vehicle where there is some type of carpet-like material. If it is extremely humid inside of the vehicle for extended periods of time, this is where mold will begin to multiply at a rapid pace. Therefore, if you do have wet floorboards, or if it is damp inside of your car, be sure to increase the temperature inside the vehicle and keep it warm for extended periods of time.

How To Remove Mold Step-By-Step

The first step is to ensure that no additional water will be added to your vehicle. Second, isolate the contaminated region. Third, suppress any dust that can get into your vehicle which the mold could latch onto throughout this process. Remove any materials that can be taken out of your car, including floor mats, that can either be properly cleaned or replaced. You will then want to clean the affected areas, preferably with the steam cleaner, followed by a solution of ammonia and water. Finally, allow the interior of your car to air out, and maintain high temperatures within the vehicle if possible. By following these simple steps, it will be easy to ensure that the mold will be eliminated and that it will not be able to return in the future.

removing car mold

By using these simple suggestions, you cannot only eliminate mold but prevent it from coming back. If you do have mold, consider hiring a professional to do a carpet cleaning, and follow that up with a solution of ammonia and water. Finally, if you do have a substantial amount of dampness in your vehicle, simply roll down the windows and make sure it is in the direct sun. The combination of the air moving through, and the heat inside of the vehicle, will ensure that moisture levels will not be high enough for the mold to begin to proliferate.

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