Car Wash Services at Splash and Go Express Car Wash

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Car Wash Services Explained

Each vehicle that enters the wash tunnel is hand-prepped by our staff to get a jump on common problem areas we observe. The front of the vehicle will receive a bug spray solution during the summer season, and depending on the level of wash package purchased. We do not scrub the front of every vehicle on the conveyor for safety purposes, but we use high pressure sprayers to compensate. These sprayers allow us to get to hard-to-reach areas and remove topsoil from the car to prep it for our pre-soak treatment. We do scrub the back of vehicles to ensure we remove all dirt and grime that our wrap system may miss. 

Our wash uses a combination of non-abrasive cloth and foam cleaning media to gently lift and remove dirt and grime off of vehicles. We start by applying a pre-soak to each vehicle to immediately begin the chemical process of breaking down soils on cars. We follow this with a second stage of presoak cleaner called Fusion Bath, which contains more colorful foam to ensure the vehicle is completely soaked before it touches our brushes. Our top brush and black rockers will be the first to touch your vehicle, taking care of the roof and low side skirt off the car. We then have a wrap-around system that will follow along the perimeter of each car from front to back, and is followed up by stationary foam brushes on each side. Oscillating hanging mitters finish off the wash process and attempt to work in any sealants or waxes that were purchased before the vehicle is rinsed and dried.

The top two premium wash packages will receive a lava bath application with each visit. This is an upgraded pre-soak application that adds a much thicker foam and scent to the vehicle. A large wall of foam will be present that works to completely drench each car in a sensation rich soap, while using lighting technology to make the color truly pop. A large rainbow LED mounted above the foam bar adds a spectacular light show to the process and gives our soaps a vibrant color while on your vehicle.

In the middle of our wash process we use a high-pressure system to spray down vehicles and remove some of the preliminary chemicals and dirt that have accumulated on the surface of the car. More sealants and waxes may be administered after that rinse, so we must use only the best process to remove stubborn chemicals and foam at the end of our tunnel. This is accomplished by running our rinse water through a process called reverse-osmosis, which filters out any pollutants that are commonly found in city supplied water. By doing this we create what is known as a spot-free-rinse, where the water we apply to the vehicle to remove all soaps will dry without leaving water spots on cars. We apply this rinse generously in a three bar pattern in an attempt to flush out any soap hiding in weather stripping, and give the customer our best effort towards a sud-free car.

Although our spot-free rinse will allow your vehicle to dry spot-free, our dryers help remove the most amount of water possible from the car so that outside pollutants from the road and air don’t have anything to cling to. This is accomplished by using a system of seven different dryers that blow at different angles to fling the excess water off of cars. These 15 horsepower turbines spin fast enough to create wind speeds that match small hurricane force winds, and we ask that you refrain from using your wipers during this process, and that all windows remain rolled up.

Vehicles that have purchased the appropriate wash package will receive a very powerful bug spray product that is applied as soon as a car enters the tunnel to maximize its effectiveness. This product is seasonally used, and is specialized to attack organic compounds and effectively emulsifies protein residues left on cars by bug matter. Once applied, the car wash attendant may use the high-pressure hose to work on the stubborn areas and get the hard to reach spots along the grill of the car.

At the beginning of the wash process the vehicle will have it’s underbody prepped for the upcoming underbody protectant that will be applied further down the tunnel. Six high-pressure nozzles mounted on the ground will spray upwards, hard enough to work off dirt and oils, but light enough so that nothing is damaged.

After the underbody of the vehicle has been rinsed and prepped, Diamond Shine Rust Repel will be applied about midway through the tunnel. The protectant is applied via six nozzles mounted to the ground, that utilize low pressure so that the chemical adheres to the vehicle surface instead of bouncing off of it. Rust Repel is formulated to neutralize the harmful effects of commonly found pollutants on the road such as salt and grime that may go on the cause rust in the future. This solution inhibits rust, and helps keep the underbody of each vehicle in pristine shape through not just the winter months, but all year long.

The sides of a vehicle take on a lot of the dirt and grime that is thrown around while driving on the road. It is important that these areas get extra attention in an effort to remove all soils that may be on the side of the car. We utilize a full wrap around high pressure arch to spray the whole car, but also employ a dedicated set of high pressure nozzles designed to get to the hard-to-reach spots on the sides of cars. These side blasters help get up into the wheel wells, side skirts, step rails, and wheels so that each car is properly cleaned.

A combination of different colored foam is applied to vehicles in order to really encourage a deep clean and well polished car at the end of the process. Vivid Plus is a chemical that effectively helps our presoaks clean, but provide a polishing and protecting element to them as well. They help to protect your vehicle’s paint from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and promote a further shine to your paint that can’t be achieved with just soap and water. This application is highlighted by a strobing LED light effect that gives each vehicle a very bright and color rich application each time through. 

At the entrance of our wash, the vehicle is immediately put through a two-stage chemical treatment to get their wheels and tires clean. The first stage effectively rooms hard-to-get brake dust, and loosens up soils on the tire that have accumulated. The second stage sets the wheel up to hold a better shine at the end, as well as cleaning the tire and readying them for the shine application. Following the chemical application, the wheel and tire is scrubbed by our rocker brush system and then hit with our high pressure nozzles.

The vehicle will then receive a generous application of Liquid Blue Ice tire shine from our state-of-the-art Istobal tire shine system. This electrically driven system rotates as the customer rolls by it which allows the bristles to create a consistent shine across the tire. The system also contains a drip tray that allows for product to be constantly re-applied to the brushes, creating a brighter shine for each tire.

Fusion Rain Repel is the final layer of protection that will be adhered to vehicles in our cleaning process. This is a hydrophobic spray application that is applied to the entire vehicle to protect it from all-weather type conditions. Along with protecting the paint from harmful soils, it will effectively help repel rain from glass surfaces as well, helping keep your windshield more clear during periods of precipitation.

Fusion Wax is a poly synthetic wax, that is blended with genuine carnauba. This is the ultimate step in car-care that is chemically engineered to give vehicles a hand-waxed shine appearance without the hassle. We apply this chemical generously so that the entire vehicle is covered, and it is worked into the car with our oscillating mitter system. The wax is accompanied by a vibrant LED show that shoots a lighting effect through the foam, giving the sensation of a hot wax being applied.

A great way to save.  The BOGO HALF PRICE allows purchasers of the $16 or $21 wash package the opportunity to wash twice within 5 days, the same car or two different cars for ONE HALF the price of their original wash. Customer MUST select “receive a discount on a future wash” when prompted at the Auto Sentry to receive the code for the future discount.