Our most Frequently Asked Questions

The wash is computerized and is very good at sorting purchases.  However, to ensure you are getting your wash, a light inside the tunnel will flash next to the package you purchased.  If you added an upgrade, you may see two lights flashing inside the tunnel.  The computer does the rest, telling the mechanical parts when to come on as your car travels through.

No, Splash and Go is an exterior express wash.  We offer customers the opportunity to use our free vacuums, however, we do not have staff that performs and detail or interior services.

At this time our wash does not have a vending machine for car wash related items.  We do offer a dash wipe and /or air fresheners upon request to customers that have paid for a wash and are in the wash tunnel.  There is a soda machine out front near the vacuum stations for a cool drink on the drive home.

Cash, Discover, American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Splash and Go Car Wash Gift Cards are all acceptable forms of payment.

No.  At this time we are not set up with a card dispensing Auto Sentry.  You may stop in the office to purchase a new gift card.

Yes.  Gift cards can be reloaded at the Auto Sentry when making a wash purchase.  When the value on your card falls below the minimum needed to purchase the wash you have selected. You will be prompted to add value to your card with cash or credit OR to pay just the difference due.  When you add money to your card at the Auto Sentry ONLY, you will receive a 25% bonus increase in value.

Unfortunately, we do not track the unique Id of the gift card so we are unable to issue a refund or replacement for lost cards.  However, if your card is damaged or defective, but it is still possible to read the number from the back, we will attempt to replace the card with a new card.

Our system software is not able to process a single transaction using two cards.  The best way to get the most from your cards without wasting is to make two separate wash purchases.

The BOGO HALF PRICE is a discount offered on the $14 dollar and $18 wash packages. You MUST request a wash code receipt when prompted to receive the discount code.  The code is not re-printable on a duplicate receipt, so if you don’t request it when prompted, the offer vanishes.  The code allows you to return to the wash within 5 days and receive a wash of the same value at a HALF the price of your original purchase.  For the $14 wash, get $7 off, so $7 for the same wash if used within 5 days.  For the $18 wash, get the same wash for $9 with the code within 5 days.  The code can be used on any vehicle.  It does not have to be the purchasing vehicle.  However, the offer is not available with any other discount, coupon or code.  Only for full price purchases of the $14 or $18 wash packaged and only if you respond yes when prompted for a future discount.

We have used the following venues for offering discounts:  Valpak, Price Chopper Receipts, Direct Mailers for the Shops of Raintree; Lee’s Summit West fundraising cards,  Direct email through our private email database (join or email on our website or Facebook page)  And coming soon, flash discounts on Facebook and a monthly discount just for checking our website.

Most car manuals recommend frequent professional washing to protect your car’s finish from harsh road grime, pollutant, bug, and bird remains, and dirt.  See our description of wash packages to see what is right for you.  Pay special attention to your wheels and rims if you have a performance vehicle as brake dust can quickly corrode your rims.

Yes, we use environmentally safe products.  We capture and filter our runoff in a sand oil separator to as a further environmental safeguard.  A professional car wash is designed to use less water more efficiently than driveway washing.  Our soap products are much more environmentally sound than washing with dish detergent on the driveway.

Yes, there are body types and accessory packages that cannot go through our wash.  We would love to wash all vehicles, however for the safety of our equipment and for your vehicle we have to place some limitations on what we can wash.

Dual rear tire trucks.
Trucks or vans with ladders or ladder racks
Vehicles with Bicycle racks
Vehicles with rear wheelchair platforms or rear luggage platforms
Vehicles that have very low ground effects or are dropped low enough to come in contact with our guide rail
Vehicles that have a lift kit.  Maximum Vehicle clearance for ANY portion of the Vehicle is 86”
Wheels that are 14 inches wide or wider
Any vehicle that has been coated with hydraulic fluid or other material that could damage our equipment
Open bed pick-up trucks with debris – gravel, mulch, cans, trash or any loose tools or items.
Vehicles with extensive body damage resulting in loose or missing parts that could become dislodged or damage our equipment.

We ask that you fold in your mirrors before entering the wash bay and remove your ball hook before getting in the sales line.

Some vehicles are not good candidates for service in an express wash.  Our experience is that denying such vehicles service is a safeguard for your vehicle, our wash equipment, and the personnel that works there.  Thank you for your understanding

NO, and Yes!  NO, we do not have a rain guarantee.  But we do have the wash club, which is even better than a rain guarantee!  Join our monthly club program and wash your car daily if you choose.  No need to be concerned about the weather when you are in the club!  Club purchases are specifically for a single purchasing vehicle and require an RFID sticker to be placed in the vehicle at the time of purchase.