Although cleaning the carpet inside of your vehicle may seem to be a straightforward process, it is not actually that easy. Splash and Go Express Car Wash is here to help! There are many variables that you must consider including high traffic areas, the positioning of the carpet within the vehicle, and the type of carpet that you are cleaning. Many stains can be very difficult to remove, prompting the need for certain chemicals that can do the job. You may also need to have special equipment that will allow you to efficiently and regularly clean car carpet in just a few minutes with very little effort. Here is an overview of how you can effectively and efficiently clean the carpet in your car. 

Why You Should Clean Car Carpet

There are three primary reasons that people choose to clean their car carpet on their own. First of all, they do not want to have the regular expense of auto detailing

Second, they may have children, as well as animals that are constantly in the car, tracking in dirt, mud, and other stain-making materials. Finally, they may simply want their car to look its absolute best. You can clean the outside, but you also need to do the interior to complete the process. That’s why it’s important to use a systematic way of cleaning the carpet in your vehicle using proper tools, chemicals, and strategies.

Car Carpet Cleaning Hacks

Begin With Removing Large Items

The first step of the process begins with removing larger items from the floor of your vehicle. Whether you own a car, truck, or even an SUV, there can be a considerable amount of trash and personal belongings on the floor of your vehicle. This may take a maximum of five minutes to do, and if you have an area in your trunk that needs to be cleaned, you should also remove those items as well. This will allow you to move on to the second stage of the process which begins with using a vacuum.

Remove All Existing Car Floor Mats

In order to access the carpeting in your vehicle, you must first remove all of the floor mats. These are common in most vehicles, designed to provide you with a way of extending the life of the carpet itself. These can be removed by simply pulling them out, and you will want to treat these separately from the carpet. You can begin by shaking them out, vacuuming the floor mats, and preparing them for being shampooed. You will want to start with getting them wet, then use a stain remover if necessary. 

how to efficiently clean car carpet

However, prior to doing any stain removal procedures or shampooing the mats, you will first want to vacuum the floor of your vehicle.

Vacuum The Floor Of Your Vehicle

The floor of your vehicle does not only refer to the areas where people are sitting inside but also the extra area in the back for groceries. This could also include the truck of your vehicle, if you own a truck, as these typically have some form of carpeting. The vacuum that you use can be a standard vacuum with an extendable hose, or you can use a rechargeable vacuum that is handheld. It’s important to use one that has the proper suction power to remove particulates from the surface and within the carpet. The more that you are able to remove, the easier it will be to shampoo your carpet which is the next step of the process. 

What About Tough Stains On Your Car Carpet?

If you have tough stains on your carpet, before you begin to shampoo the carpet, you must first scrub these with a stain removing product. This can be a standard stain remover or one that is made from organic materials, that can help you achieve the same final result. 

how to properly vacuum car carpet

Remember, it is important to allow this stain remover to sit on the stains for at least 30 minutes. Be sure to dampen those areas prior to using the stain remover. These typically come with some form of a brush that will allow you to get deep into the carpet, yet will not damage the carpet fibers during the process. After 1/2 an hour has passed, you will then want to begin to shampoo your carpet.

Shampooing Your Carpet

When you shampoo your carpet, you will likely use similar chemicals as you would use for the carpet in your home. However, there may be specific types of products that are designed for the carpet that is in your vehicle. Many chemicals can be harsh, causing stains to occur, by bleaching out the color. First, determine what type of carpet is in your vehicle. Then, you can easily choose the best chemicals for the shampooing part of the process. 

The shampoo or that you use should be an extendable attachment, allowing you to easily get into tight corners that are common within all vehicles. The same is true when cleaning the trunk area. You will need to let that sit for at least 24 hours unless you are in an area where the weather has been extremely hot. When you lock your vehicle, make sure that you leave a crack in the windows to provide proper aeration. Once that is done, you will have completed the process of cleaning the carpet in your car, something that should be done every few months to prevent the potential for permanent stains.

shampooing and cleaning car carpet

Using Green Products When Shampooing Your Carpet

There are many products that do not use harsh chemicals and that are also biodegradable. Biodegradable products tend to be more expensive, but if you would prefer using them, they can still help you remove most of the dirt and stains from your carpet when using them. All of these products, if they are designed to work with a shampooing machine, will be just as effective as standard chemically based products. Standard chemically based products are also much better at reducing the total amount of suds produced.

Once everything has been completed, you can then put the floor mats back into the vehicle. These should have been sitting off to the side, allowing them to dry at the same time as your carpet. After the floor mats are back in, your job will be complete. Although this can be a tedious process, it allows you to prevent heavy stains from becoming permanent and will help improve the overall appearance of the vehicle that you drive regularly. We hope the above tips help you efficiently clean car carpet and if you’re needing help with the exterior of your vehicle, visit Splash and Go Express Car Wash