It is very easy to keep your car clean during the summer. You don’t have to worry much about the harsh weather elements. However, during the winter, things are a bit different. You have snow, ice, road salt and an array of other elements to worry about. Keeping your car clean in the winter requires you to be more cautious about how and when you clean your car.  Keep reading for Splash and Go’s tips for washing your car in the winter

During the winter, it is almost impossible to keep your vehicle sparkling clean. Knowing when and how to clean your car in the winter is crucial.   During the winter months, the cold weather and elements can take a toll on cars. The salt on the streets may adversely affect the exterior, interior, suspension, and the frame of your vehicle. If you want to extend the life of your vehicle, constant maintenance is essential. Below are some of the important tips for washing your car in the winter.

The Best Times for Washing Your Car in the Winter

Due to the harsh weather conditions during winter, it is essential to know when to wash your car. It is advisable to wash your car before it snows and after the snow has melted.  However, if you realize that the snow and ice have not entirely melted, you can use a soft-bristled brush to remove the excess snow. You might notice that the snow tends to get stuck in some parts of the car. Using warm water can help if it is not below freezing point. Removing any chemicals from your car, that has been trapped in the snow and melted sludge is advisable. Regularly washing your car in the winter will ensure that the grime and salt that accumulate are removed.

Importance of Cleaning Your Car During Winter

Road Salts

One thing that is certain to damage your car during winter is road salt. You should know that anything made of metal, particularly cars, doesn’t react well to salt.  Road salt and de-icing chemicals over time will damage your car and end up costing you more to fix than the price of regular car washes. These salts tend to be extremely corrosive and dangerous. They increase the rate and amount of rusting in your vehicle. Focus on the crevices of your vehicle to remove any road salt that might have accumulated there. When washing your car in the winter make sure to rinse off other harmful chemicals to increase the longevity of your car.

tips for washing your car in the winter months


Apart from ensuring the longevity of your car, cleaning your car during the winter contributes to keeping you safe. If you maintain a dirty windshield, it could prevent you from seeing the road clearly, especially in low light situations. Note that when you’re not regularly washing your car in the winter, a lot of dirt, grime, and salt will accumulate on the windows and windshield. When cleaning, don’t just focus on the wheels or tires. Also, pay equal attention to the windshield and the side mirrors. 

Tire Grip

Your safety on the road during winter depends on the grip of your tires. You don’t want to risk it. The presence of road salt, sand, and other components on the road during winter may damage your tires and wheels. This reduces their efficiency and may even cause you to get into an accident. Slippery tires will not be able to withstand slick roads during winter. Keep your tires and wheels clean so that excess debris does not build up inside of the tread.  Always inspect your tire’s tread to check whether you need new ones at the onset of winter. Don’t risk it if you know that you need to replace those tires. Exposing them to harsh winter conditions may escalate things from worse to worst.

tires washing your car in the winter

Moisture in The Air

During winter, there is usually a lot of humidity. This means that there is a lot of moisture in the air, which is not good for your car. It gets worse if you park your car outside. Parking your vehicle outside exposes it to the humid conditions and can cause a build-up of moisture and damage the pain. Also, too much humidity triggers excess rusting. Washing your car in the winter, especially the undercarriage, will help to keep your car in top shape.  It is, therefore, vital that you regularly clean your vehicle to minimize excessive wear and tear. 

Final Notes On Washing Your Car in the Winter

If you clean your car yourself, be prepared to invest in the cleaning equipment that you need before the bad weather hits.  A new layer of protection wax is also advisable as it helps to protect the exterior parts of your vehicle, extending its life.   Also, if you have fabric floor mats in your car, it is wise to switch them out with rubber or plastic mats. This will make it easier for you to clean. Having these tips will go a long way in helping you to maintain your car. As much as cars depreciate very fast, you can still do something to ensure you preserve its value.

why washing your car in the winter is important

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