As the winter season begins, Splash and Go Express Car Wash holds safety to the utmost importance. Winter car preparation is so important, and no one wants to be stuck in their car in a winter storm. That’s why you need to prepare your car for winter. Here are some of the best winter car preparation tips for your car that you should know.

How to Prepare Your Car for the Winter

1) Check The Antifreeze 

Our first winter car preparation tip is to make sure the coolant system is winter-ready. Start by making sure that you have the correct ratio of antifreeze to water.  Antifreeze helps to cool your car’s engine and makes sure that it doesn’t freeze.  Also, check the system thoroughly for any leaks caused by loose clamps and bad hoses.  This simple check will help to make sure that you don’t get stranded.  

2) Garage Storage or Car Cover

If you have a garage, it’s time to start parking your vehicle inside.  Many things can go wrong if you leave your car out in the cold every winter night. By placing your car in the garage, you can protect the paint and prevent ice against the windshield that might cause damage.  It’s also a good way to protect the fluids in the radiator and gas lines from possible freezing. If you don’t have a garage, consider getting a car cover.  A car cover is a great winter car preparation investment that will help to protect your car from the frigid snow and ice. 

3) Winter Car Preparation and the Heater System 

You need to check the heater system in your car to make sure that it works properly. Additionally, you need to check the core to make sure there are no leaks. Don’t forget the blower to make sure it still works and the window defroster is in good working condition. If none of these things work when you start your car in the morning, you could end up stranded later. 

4) Windshield Wipers 

Windshield wipers should be checked to make sure that they are not worn out or torn.  A bad set of wipers can decrease your visibility when you are driving, which may increase your risk of an accident.  

Important winter car preparation note: Do not mix antifreeze in with your windshield wiper fluid.  Although it may help with the issue of freezing, antifreeze is corrosive and does not wipe off cleanly.     

winter car preparation tips

5) Electrical System 

Extremely cold weather can cause issues with a car’s electrical system.  Be sure to check your car’s electrical system, especially the battery. Signs of corrosion on a car battery may mean that it needs to be replaced soon.  It’s always a good idea to have your battery checked out by a professional.  

6) Check the oil and transmission fluid

Make sure to change your oil every 3,000 to 6,000 miles based on your car’s requirements.  Changing the oil on a regular schedule is a must to keep your car’s engine in tip-top shape.  During the winter season, you may want to change the oil to a lower weight which helps to reduce engine wear and tear.  

While you are at it, don’t forget to check the transmission fluid. Transmission fluid helps to keep all the moving parts of your transmission lubricated, and is a vital part of Splash and Go’s winter car preparation tips. 

7) Check Your Tire Pressure and Tread

Checking your tire pressure and the tread of your tires is extremely important. Did you know that for every 10 degrees drop in temperature that your tires lose one pound of air pressure?  An aside, overinflated and underinflated tires can cause your tires to wear unevenly and can be unsafe, especially in the winter when roads are slick. It’s also a good idea to check the tread of your tires to ensure that they get good traction.  You may even consider swapping your tires out for winter weather tires.

tips for preparing your car for the winter

8) Be Prepared For An Emergency 

Don’t drive in extreme weather conditions such as high winds or blizzards. Before you leave any particular area, make sure you inform someone close to you. That way, in the event of an emergency, they will know where to find you.  You must have an Emergency Kit as well in case you are stranded for any length of time.

9) Best Winter Car Preparation Emergency Kit

Make sure there is always an emergency kit in your vehicle. Splash and Go recommends It the following items for the best emergency kit.

  • Flares – You can use these to signal for help when you are stranded. It’s easy to see flares even in a snow storm.
  • Flashlight And Batteries – Make sure there are new batteries and spares batteries in the emergency kit. If you have to get out of the vehicle to get help, the flashlight will come in handy.
  • Candles, Lighter Or Matches – You should keep them sealed and in a dry plastic bag. They will come in handy if you need to keep warm or are stranded in a dark area.
  • Battery Operated Radio – It will be easier to communicate with people about your location if you are stranded in any location.
  • Have Water And Food on hand – In a snowstorm, there is no way to know when help will come to you. Make sure the emergency kit contains some dry food and drinking water just in case you are stranded overnight or longer.Warm Clothes And A Sleeping Bag – Also, you need to make sure there are warm clothes and a sleeping bag to avoid freezing on any cold night.
Splash and Go's tips for winter car preparation

Splash and Go and Winter Car Preparation 

Before the first big snow storm, Splash and Go hopes these winter car preparation tips help you stay safe this winter! Remember, regular car washes are important for you to keep your vehicle in top condition for the next few months. Visit us at SW 100 Raintree Plaza and call us with any questions concerning winter car preparation