Drying Your Vehicle the Right Way After a Wash

If you don’t take the time to dry your automobile after washing it thoroughly, you might as well not have washed it at all. Letting Mother Nature handle the last phase is a horrible idea regardless of how hard you worked to clean the outside. Allowing your car to air-dry in the sun causes water spots, detracting from its appearance and causing long-term harm to its finish.


The dirt and minerals included in the droplets do not necessarily float away with them as they evaporate. Instead, they may persist on the surface, resulting in ugly, dull spots. Worse, dust and grit have another opportunity to harm your paint. Understanding how dirt builds up on your car is why understanding how to dry your automobile after a wash is just as vital as learning how to clean it properly.


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Here are some ideas on how to dry your automobile after washing it so that it looks its best:


Begin by rinsing your freshly cleaned car.

The best approach to dry an automobile after washing it is to rinse it thoroughly. Spray the outside indirectly using your hose in a medium or mild setting. The key here is to moisten everything evenly without applying too much pressure. The water should be heavy enough to drag everything on the surface without splattering. Allow a minute or two before the water drains off before proceeding to the next step.


Purchase the Best Car Drying Towels


Best Drying Towels

Some individuals prefer to clean their cars using an old beach towel. However, these rags may be dangerous since they can harm your paint job and leave residue behind, which is why chamois or microfiber cloths perform better than terry towels for this activity! 


The Absorber from Clean Tools, for example, is made of polyvinyl alcohol fabric, which absorbs more water without scratching automotive surfaces like never before; plus, it’s super soft on contact so that you won’t have any trouble gently wiping away dirt particles with these professional-grade cleaning tools.


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Utilizing a Water Blade

A water blade is a gadget that works similarly to a windshield wiper and a squeegee. However, a water blade potentially dries automobiles up to three times faster than other traditional methods.


Swipe the blade across the surface of your automobile to absorb the water. For the most remarkable results, use up-and-down and back-and-forth motions. Check the blade from time to time for any debris or particles that may have lodged in it.


Most water blades on the market come constructed of silicone, which provides a great combination of firmness and flexibility for drying. As a result, it is simple to utilize the curves of an automobile. In addition, there are several that employ innovative technologies to improve the comfort and convenience of consumers. On the other hand, water blades are not very expensive in general.


Water blades are affordable and purchasable in local stores and internet vendors. So you don’t have to empty your wallet to dry off your automobile.


water blade to dry car from water spots

image source: https://www.weathertech.com/techcare/waterblade/


Making use of a chamois

Another approach is to dry your automobile using chamois. A chamois, often known as a shammy, is a highly absorbent rubber or leather material used to dry excess water on any surface. Because of its remarkable capacity to attract and hold water, a chamois is a popular option among automobile users.


You must gently wipe down your car and wring it out, and the chamois will do the rest. For difficult water spots, ball up the chamois and run it over the affected region. Then, watch the spots fade away!


The best part is that you only need one to dry your automobile thoroughly. It’s also adaptable so that you can use it on various cars.


Furthermore, it is pretty easy to locate, both online and offline. It is, nevertheless, somewhat more costly than microfiber towels/cloths. Nonetheless, you can be confident that it is a wise investment. It will do the task flawlessly.


Chamois from Cleantools, Griots, and Chemical Guys are a few dependable solutions on the market.


A chamois is also more difficult to keep since it hardens when left alone. You will also need to be especially cautious to prevent mildew or mold from growing.


car drying with chamois


Separately dry your wheels.

Using a separate towel for your wheels is one of the most crucial auto-drying suggestions. The brake dust and grit from them may readily be transferred onto whatever cloth you’re using, which means that when water comes into touch with this abrasive substance, it will work its way into every inch of finish on both surfaces—leaving behind unpleasant residue!


Dry Your Car as Soon as Possible

Quickly drying your car is especially vital if you work through the summer. The longer you drive, the more probable droplets will evaporate and leave marks on your vehicle. The good thing is that if you understand how to dry an automobile properly, you’ll be able to move as quickly as you need.


A Car with No Streaks

Knowing how to dry off your automobile after a wash is just as important as knowing how to soap and rinse it. If you follow these suggestions, you will obtain fantastic results.

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