If you are concerned with being as eco-friendly as possible you are probably more than aware that washing your vehicle can have a negative impact in a number of ways. It requires a great deal of water and often involves using chemicals that are known to cause damage to the ecosystem. Fortunately, there is an answer. By choosing an automated car wash, particularly one that is passionate about the environment as well, you can still have a clean, shiny vehicle without the guilt. Here are the top reasons why choosing an automated, eco friendly car wash like Splash and Go is the best choice for the environment.

Top Reasons You Should Choose an Eco Friendly Car Wash

Water Conservation

When compared to washing your vehicle by hand you will be using significantly less water at a car wash. The water is well regulated to ensure that only what is needed is used. There are no points in which water that is not being applied to the car is run, saving tens of gallons of water each minute of the process. There also is no need to fill up buckets and refill after they have become dirty and the rinsing required is far less. This saves a massive amount of water for each car that has been washed. When choosing an eco friendly car wash, you will make the least amount of impact on the environment.

Energy Efficient Eco Friendly Car Wash

An eco friendly car wash does not require the use of different water temperatures other than exactly what is necessary to do the job effectively. Hot water can use a great deal of energy to create. Often, when washing a vehicle by hand it is necessary to use hot water to help break through stubborn debris and oil. When you add up all of the times that you would be washing your car each year it is easy to see that you are using a lot of energy in order to complete the task. Instead, automated, eco friendly car washes use high water pressure to help clean the vehicle so that hot water almost is never necessary. The less energy that is used the better it will be for the environment.

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Less Pollution 

One of the biggest concerns that can come from washing a car in the driveway is the runoff that results from it. Everything that you use in the process then goes into the sewer system. Typically this water then is discharged directly into the environment. Of course, that means that you could be contributing to the pollution of your local lakes, rivers and even groundwater.

On the flipside, an automated,  eco friendly car wash is required to install a system that ensures the water is properly treated before it reaches the environment. This is done by catching the water before it has the ability to travel elsewhere. By treating the water, it becomes safe again and clean enough to enter waterways without the concern of causing damage. Visiting an eco friendly car wash is better for the local environment and ensures that you are doing your part to protect your ecosystem. 

Water Repurposed 

In addition to using sophisticated runoff prevention systems, the water is typically recycled many times. The system uses the water that runs off of the vehicles again, most often during the rinsing and cleaning cycles. This not only helps to reduce the chance that dirty water is discharged into the environment, but can eliminate the use of thousands of gallons of water each day. If you and everyone that you know made the switch, just that impact would be substantial locally. Just imagine if that could be done around the world.

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Products and Chemicals

When it comes to the chemicals that are used in the cleaning process you can have confidence in knowing that they are safe for use in the environment. While you can certainly purchase chemicals that meet these specifications, it can be extremely difficult to find ones that are actually compliant. It can also be extremely expensive, especially when you are purchasing them for personal use instead of in bulk. The chemicals that are used are one of the most important factors when it comes to ensuring that you can be guilt free when having your car washed on at an eco friendly car wash.

The Benefits of an Eco Friendly Car Wash Summarized

It can be hard to believe that just by choosing to use a car wash that is completely automated could help the environment. The reality is that the various systems that they have in place make them an extremely efficient option. Naturally, it is in their best interest to use as little water and energy as is possible. A great deal of time and money has gone into making this a reality. 

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If you are truly committed to doing your part for the environment, but still love to have a shiny car, then using an automatic, eco friendly car wash is the best option. Next time you go through the car wash try to pay attention to all of the actions that are at play. You will see that there are a number ways in which the water is sprayed and gathered to help reduce the amount that is used. You will also see the massive tanks of cleaning solutions of various colors that have been rated as being green. Finally, just consider how fast the wash experience is from start to finish. That alone shows you just how effective and efficient this option is when compared with you doing it yourself at home. 

Visit Splash and Go Express Car Wash to see for yourself the benefits of an automated car wash!