Are you someone who loves to take your dogs with you wherever you go? You aren’t alone. After all, a dog is “man’s best friend.” Whether you are taking your dog to a trail, dog park, or even the vet; it can be a great way to spend time with your pet. Dogs love to hang their heads out of the window of the vehicle and allow the air to hit them in the face. Unfortunately, the majority of dogs shed a lot. This can cause an issue with the interior of your car.  To remove pet hair from car interior there are several methods that you can try.  

Tips On How To Remove Pet Hair From Your Car’s Interior: 

Check out some of the tips below to see what worlds best for you and your pet.

1. Prevent With Seat Cover

One of the best things you can do when you are looking to get rid of unwanted pet hair in your car is to prevent it from getting caught in the nooks and crannies in the first place. The best way to do this is by getting dog seat covers for your car. By getting a seat cover for your car, you should be able to protect your car’s upholstery and keep the cleanup time to a minimum. You will be able to remove the cover and a lot of the dog hair along with it when it’s time to clean it. Therefore, you can prevent a lot of the grueling legwork associated with pet hair cleanup in your vehicle by focusing on prevention. 

2. Brush Your Dog Regularly

Another prevention strategy that you should be using is regularly brushing your dog. You want to be sure that you are brushing your dog routinely because it can get rid of a lot of the hair that would end up in your car’s interior otherwise. You can use a regular dog brush or even a glove that gets rid of the loose hair on the dog’s fur. This will minimize the amount of hair they will end up shedding in your vehicle which can make cleanup much easier and less time-consuming by default.

remove pet hair from car

3. Use A Can Of Compressed Air

If you didn’t purchase and have a dog seat cover installed, you are likely going to have a big mess on your hands depending on how much your dog sheds and the type of coat your dog has. Regardless, a can of compressed air can work wonders for getting the hair loose from in between seat cushions and even in the fibers of your carpets. You want to loosen up all of the hair in these areas because it will make it much easier to not only identify where the hair is but also to remove pet hair from car interior using the subsequent methods.

4. Use A Handheld Vacuum

A handheld vacuum is going to be a good way to get rid of a lot of the hair that you loosened in the previous step. This vacuum is great because it can be moved around and used in even some of the tightest areas. By using a vacuum, you can get deep inside the cracks of your seats and you can brush up close against your carpets to get rid of the hair that is still in the fibers.

removing pet hair with a car vacuum

5. Use Either Duct or Packing Tape

This might sound like a wild suggestion, but you can use duct tape for many things, including getting rid of unwanted hairs on your carpets. As mentioned, carpets can trap a lot of unwanted dog hair. Unfortunately, the way hair sticks to carpet fibers, it can be very difficult to remove the hair. By using duct tape and pressing the sticky side against the carpet itself, you can remove a lot of the hair from the carpets fairly easily. This is a time-consuming way to go about removing tiny hairs from your carpets, but it is a good and effective method to remove pet hair from car interior. 

6. Use A Lint Brush

If you have gentle fabric to worry about, you can go about using a lint brush. This is one of the most common ways to get rid of hair on anything. After all, you are probably used to using it on your clothing if you have pets including dogs. By getting a lint brush, you can simply roll the lint brush on your fabric seats and watch it capture a lot of the hair that is trapped in the fabric. You will need to use the brush multiple times and continue to remove the hair from the brush while repeating the process. This won’t get rid of everything, but it is a safe and effective way to get rid of a lot of the hair from your fabric seats that you don’t want to use anything more harsh on. 

7. Keep Dryer Sheets Handy

Regular dryer sheets can be used to clean everything from glass doors,  woodwork, and yes even the interior of your car.  Keep dryer sheets handy inside your vehicle for quick cleanup all of the surfaces in your car.  Simply rub the dryer sheet across the surface you want to clean to help remove dog hair and dust that has accumulated.

8. Get Your Vehicle Professionally Cleaned

If you have a dog and you don’t want to spend the time to get rid of the hair from your vehicle, take your vehicle to be detailed and let them handle it for you. This is a great option for a once a month clean however for regular cleaning, try one of the DIY tips above. 

pet hair in car

Final Thoughts

At Splash and Go Express Car wash we absolutely love dogs and look at them as a family!  Traveling in your car with your dog is one of the joys of being a dog owner. Seeing how excited they get when jumping into the car can be rewarding. However, if you don’t implement the right prevention techniques, you could quickly find yourself with hours of unwanted dog hair cleanup duties. If you find yourself in need of cleaning up unwanted dog hair in your car’s interior, follow the tips above and stop by for a visit at Splash and Go Express Car Wash for the best car wash in Lee’s Summit along with free vacuums!  We look forward to seeing you and happy traveling with your furry best friends!