A big responsibility of having a car is learning how to care for your vehicle to keep it at its peak condition and operating at its best. Washing your car regularly is one important step to ensure that your car is well maintained.  Whether you choose to wash your car regularly by hand, or take your car to the experts like Splash and Go, there is no doubt that adhering to a schedule of regularly washing your car will help you keep your car in good shape.  Following are some of the most important benefits of washing your car regularly. After reading through all the benefits, visit Splash and Go Express Car Wash here in Lee’s Summit, MO to begin regular car washes! 

Top 8 Benefits to Washing Your Car Regularly

Protect the Exterior

Regularly washing your car and its benefits

Regularly washing your car has benefits

The primary reason to give your car a regular washing is to preserve that fine exterior coat of paint. The perfection of your car’s exterior is not just an aesthetic matter, keeping the coat of paint in perfect conditions keeps moisture from entering the car’s frame, interiors and engines below where it causes corrosive damage.

The car’s paint and exterior below the paint is under constant duress from minuscule road debris, bits of tar, bird droppings and everything else you can imagine from the road. Washing your car on a regular basis keeps these contaminants from adhering to the exterior coat of paint and damaging its surface.

Remove Road Salt

For those motorists and vehicles operating in the cold northern regions there is another threat that a regular washing can prevent: road salt. Icy roads are covered in salt to protect cars from icy roads and from sliding into a potential accident. When this salt is flicked up across the car’s exterior paint, it can begin its corrosive activities in a hurry. Salt damage begins to rust away at the exterior once it has eaten through the paint. Soon small spots will turn into larger patterns of corroded unsightly metal. This type of damage can be expensive to repair. The cheaper way to take care of the damage is regularly washing your car.

Preserve A Valuable Investment

There is no better way to ensure a car will function optimally for many miles and look great the whole time than with the occasional sudsy bath. A car sporting a coat of paint in immaculate conditions speaks very highly of the car’s owner and encourages other motorists and passengers to take better care of this well-kept vehicle. When it comes time to consider a resale, cars that maintain their original manufactured coat of paint in pristine conditions can always expect a better asking price. The only way to keep that paint job looking good through rain and shine is with regularly washing your car. But, don’t forget the interior!

Safer Driving

Cars of all types have been specially designed to operate safely in conditions of low visibility where accidents frequently occur. It is the vehicles special shapes, reflective details and lights that provide optimal visibility and protection while on the road in the evenings, early morning and the dead of night. The car’s windows and mirrors allow the driver to operate safely as well. Even the smallest coat of dirt can thwart these features, but an especially dirty car is simply not safe for the driver, passengers or other motorists. 

Improved Energy Efficiency 

It has been demonstrated in a variety of tests that a cleaner car uses less gasoline. This is because a car’s surface is supposed to have smooth aerodynamic contours that allow it to glide easily through the air at any speed. A light coat of dirt thwarts the aerodynamic features of your car, making it more difficult for it to cut through wind resistance and increases its drag. But a clean car exterior improves energy efficiency up to 10%. This means that regularly washing your car can even help reduce the carbon footprint

Washing your car benefits

The benefits of washing your car

Safer for the Vehicle – the Professional Wash

It is easy to underestimate the importance of selecting the right tools and adhering to process when washing your car. For those that are not familiar with how to properly clean a car with the purpose of preserving its functional life and original beauty, there are professional services. Even though it is not especially hard, there are some ways it can go wrong. Certain seemingly soft materials can cause scratches, even dirt and pollutants can scratch the surface when being washed off. Remember that the most important thing is to get this essential job done right. Even though car washing is very fun it is also a big responsibility.

Owner’s Pride

For those that lack the skills and experience in intricate mechanical work but are still looking for a way to become better acquainted with your car and establish that essential connection that produces the best relationships, a bath is a great way to start. Taking the time to go slow enough to choose the right tools, learn that important process and get into the finer details of car washing is a rewarding pastime. This allows the owner a sense of pride in their accomplishment and deeper connection with an important aspect of their car care and maintenance. 

Then nothing compares with the feeling of pride and accomplishment in a vehicle that seems to never get old. 

It’s Fun 

Finally, the greatest reason to wash your car is for the fun of it. There is hardly anything better than taking a dirty mess of a car to the car wash where, in a flurry of bubbles and brushes, the car is made spotless again. Of course, it is equaling rewarding to take a balmy summer afternoon to soak up the sun and get some good exercise while addressing this vital aspect of car maintenance. Don’t forget the music and pink lemonade!

Final Notes on Washing Your Car Regularly

Washing your car regularly has so many benefits.

splash and go washing your car

With so many advantages to washing your car, you will probably want to pencil that in for the weekend. Remember to choose your cleaning agents and materials with enlightened perspectives and a clear idea of your process. Furthermore, statistics have shown that the average professional car washes use considerably less water than most car owners do.  If you expect to use more than 20 gallons of water to wash your car, it may be more environmentally friendly to take it to a car wash. Studies show that a professional car wash uses 20-30 gallons of water while washing your car at home can take up to 140 gallons of water.  Visit Splash and Go Express Car Wash in Lee’s Summit to start your journey on regularly washing your car and seeing all the benefits that come with.